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I've been using these lil hooks for many years. All of my lockons, I carry a lifeline with them. At the end of the lifeline I tie on these hooks. If i'm in a mobile set, as I climb the tree installing my steps I have one end of the lifeline attached to my harness with the slack on the ground and the hook on the other end. As I reach my top step I tie my lifeline as high as I can on the tree. Then I snag my stand on the ground with the hook and pull it up and attach it to the tree. Next I get into the stand and attach to the lifeline then fish up my back pack and then my bow. Makes it easy to go up the tree once and not have to carry everything up.

I've also used this lil hook to grab a branch out of reach and pull it to me to trim. Used it for picking up dropped items like a glove or my tab off the ground.

I save all the s-hooks off my bungee cords that break then weld them up. Those s-hooks are easy to bend to open and straighten up the hooks.

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