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Kaleb has been having a rough season. With the lack of openings on our lease the shots have had to be quick and that's hard for a kid. Our hunt started off in the morning where he seen a big body deer pass thru at low light. Wasn't enough light to take a shot. Then about an hour later we seen a fawn pass but never seen its momma. At 10:00 we seen a big body deer step onto the 4 wheeler trail (our only openings) 100 yards away and was walking away. Kaleb looked in his scope and said it was a 4pt. I bleated and it stopped and looked our way. He pulled the trigger and the gun went click. I don't think the chamber was slammed all the way shut. I racked another one in and the deer took off. To my surprise kaleb shoots. Deer runs off. We go look and he hit it at 130 yards away running down the 4 wheeler trail! Lots of hair and chunks of meat. I'm thinking he grazed its thigh. Kaleb trailed blood for over 500 yards. I'm glad he isn't color blind because he was finding pin head spots, no way I would have found. We lost blood and I told him it's probably just a flesh wound and we are pushing him. So we go check cameras and eat lunch. I got like 5 pics of this big doe running back and forth. I tell him I bet a buck is chasing her. Then I get a glimps of him back in the brush on one of her pics. We decided to hunt a ground blind close to there. At sun set he spots a deer and says there 2 of them. Then he sees horns over a log. They were far back in the woods and I knew it was a buck on a doe. They disappear behind a real thick area to our left. Then I could hear them. We only had one lil window open in front of kaleb to shoot out of and I was on the left side and had a crack in my window to look left. I seen the big doe coming right for us. I told him to get ready she is about to be in front of you. She gets 20 yards in front of him and stops. We were on pins and needles. I said don't move! I hear the buck coming. Time was moving in slow motion! I just knew she was gonna bust us. I said you can shoot her if you want. It's your call. He had bigger plans. Then I see the buck. I told him he is coming. He finally gets where kaleb can see him in his window but he is in cover. I said just stay on him and don't move. He will ease out and follow the doe. Time still in slow motion! He steps out for a second then takes a step back. THIS CANT BE HAPPENING! Then he steps forward again. BOOM! White belly on the ground! We were high fiving, screaming like lil school girls! Man it was awesome!!!! It was our best hunt yet. And it was because it didn't come easy. The weekend before he missed a deer and wounded one we never found. And we are doing all this camping in a tent. I'm sure he will never forget these hunts. I know I won't!  photo EF6FFC6F-3F12-48AC-BF6A-EB82BFD9AC16_zpsnutltiwt.jpg
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That's awesome Jason!!!!
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Clayton Dinkins
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Congratulations to you both!! What a hunt!

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Congrats to both of you!



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Kaleb is a natural born KILLA .  Look at that boy's eyes!  :)

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