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I spent a week hunting with some old friends on public land in AR.  I shot this one at 7 steps as he walked under me.  He ran about 150yds.  I used my '69 Super Kodiak.  I was shooting GT3555 arrows with a Tree Shark on the business end.  My other arrows have Magnus I's on them, but my #1 arrow had a shark up front! :)


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Clayton Dinkins
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Awesome buck! Congratulations!!

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Great job CD!!!

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Very nice buck.  How did the Simmons perform?

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Crooked Stic
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Congrats on a nice buck. I think he will be pretty tender eating.

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He should be good eating... a healthy 2.5 yr old deer.

The Simmons did well... he is dead. :D

But I did not get an exit hole... It went through his shoulder muscle (missed the shoulder blade) and cut 2 ribs in half as it entered the chest cavity.  The point just poked/penetrated into the opposite side of the rib cage.  Shaved a piece off his heart going through.  But the broadhead absolutely DESTROYED his lungs as it danced around in his chest cavity while he barreled through the woods.  It made a BIG hole going through the hide (didn't take a pic) but I didn't get much blood trail due to the high entry.  I actually didn't try to track him... I just walked to where I thought I heard him crash and there he was.  No major blood trail on the ground as I walked up to him.

I have shot 2 deer with the Tree Shark... one with a 45# Super Kodiak and this one with a 50# Super Kodiak.  Neither have given me an exit hole....  I know... placement is key...  The other deer was almost straight down, went through the shoulder blade and into the chest.  That deer made it about 75yds...

My next deer will likely be shot with one of my 'ole Magnus I's.



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Matt Steed
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What a great buck!!!!!!! Congratulations , a nice deer with a nice bow. Got to love those Super Kodiak's.
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Great job! 

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