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Went scout out a creek bottom after my morning hunt to find a spot for in the evening and the next morning. Came up on a yearling feeding. Decided I'd see how close I could get. There was a down tree between us I used for cover. As I got closer to the down tree, DoeZilla comes down the side into the creek with the yearling. That's when play time got serious. I wanted that monsta doe! I got down and hoped they would walk my way but they started up the other side. It was now or never. I estimated the range at FAR. Drew back and let it rip! It ended up being 38 yards. My furthest kill with the longbow.  photo EBA88E92-860F-4CC9-B58F-8A5478310CA1_zpsvokmke6d.jpg
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What a snout on that beast!!!  Congratulations!!!  :) 


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Crooked Stic
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That is a far shot--congrats. Old does like that peg me a lot when I am out. :o

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You've got to put an arrow in the air to kill. Way to take advantage of an opportunity. As big as she is, I bet you could have killed her at 50 yards. lol



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That's awesome Jason!  Great shot.

Looks like you have found your go to bow!

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