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Led him a lil too much as he walked in at 15 yards. He never even twitched.  photo 7B39BB71-3A11-4D3F-A775-FE4AA8127DF1_zpsliakwhyb.jpg
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Awesome!!!  I've yet to kill one of those with my recurve.... don't get many chances and they are so dang quick!

Excellent shot!  Way to make good on the opportunity!


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Matt Steed
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Good job, one thing for sure, you didn't have to track him.
November 2, 2014 at 8:12 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Jason, I agree with CD. An AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT, congratulations.

I think killing a coyote with a tradbow is a southern bowhunters greatest acheviement. I know that I've yet to do it and have had a few opportunities that favored the coyote. Just this past Thursday I had one come running it trying to catch one of three coons that were in shooting range. They barely escaped by climbing trees. The coyote went from facing me head on to circiling my tree without giving be a shot.

BTW, I got the shooting tab. Thanks.



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Clayton Dinkins
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Great job! 

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Awesome shot snyper!!
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That bow is turning out to be a KILLA!  Congrats

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