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This was Kaleb's Hog hunt that we talked about at the rendevous. I like to watch it just to get my head back to why I like to hunt. So pure and innocent. Its so easy to get caught up in the war of ethics. Everyone has an opinion and TV is always pushing stuff down your thoat on how you should hunt. I fell in love with hunting as a kid by myself. My dad didn't hunt. I just went in the woods with my bb gun and hunted because I loved it and didn't have anyone to impress or others opinions to fufill, or worry about hurting someones feelings. 

This hunt took place in the summer after his 1st season of deer hunting with a gun. He hunted hard the whole year but never got a shot on a deer. It was just gas on the fire. He is the oldest of my 3 sons and by far has the most drive to hunt. Its what he lives for all year long. He has killed 6 deer and a hog since then. I have videos of most of it on youtube. My channel is SwampSnyper Channel. Lots of videos for y'all to watch if you can't make it in the woods.



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I never get tired of seeing his excitement.



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That's my all time favorite video for sure

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